Agaricus augustus   (The Prince)_mushroom,mushroom spawn - LD MUSHROOM
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Agaricus augustus   (The Prince)_mushroom,mushroom spawn

Agaricus augustus   (The Prince)_mushroom,mushroom spawn

Agaricus augustus   (The Prince)


,Family,Agaricaceae,Location,North America, Europe,Dimensions,Cap 10-20 cm diameter, stem 10-20 cm tall * 2-4 cm diameter,Edibility,Edible and good
(see important information about picking mushrooms),Description,Agaricus augustus, also known as The Prince, is a tall, sometimes massive agaric that has orange-brown scales on the surface of both cap and stem. The surfaces of all parts stain yellow when handled or bruised.

Cap hemispherical during the so-called button stage, and then expands, becoming convex and finally flat. The cap cuticle is dry, and densely covered with concentrically arranged, brown-coloured scales on a white to yellow background. The flesh is thick, firm and white and may discolour yellow when bruised.
Gills are not attached to stem, crowded and pallid at first, and turn pink then dark brown with maturity.
Stem Solid; cylindrical to club-shaped. The surface is white. Ring membranous, with patches of brownish fibrils under.

Similar species Agaricus subrefescens found in central and eastern U.S.

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