Auriscalpium vulgare   (Pinecone Tooth)_mushroom,mushroom spawn - LD MUSHROOM
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Auriscalpium vulgare   (Pinecone Tooth)_mushroom,mushroom spawn

Auriscalpium vulgare   (Pinecone Tooth)_mushroom,mushroom spawn

Auriscalpium vulgare   (Pinecone Tooth)


,Family,Auriscalpiaceae,Location,North America, Europe,Dimensions,Cap 1-2 cm diameter; stem 2-6 cm tall * 0.1-0.2 cm diameter,Edibility,Inedible,Description,This mushroom is small to long medium sized, with a brown cap attached at one side or off center of the stem. The long, slender, stem rises from decaying pine cones.

Cap flat to rounded. Upper side brown to dark purplish brown, covered with dark brown fibrils. Under side spiny. Flesh thin, flexible. Spines light to dark brown.
Stem brown, hairy, rigid, joined laterally to the cap, swollen towards the base.

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